Members Summer Retreat Reflection

In Summer Retreat

Six members departed to Denver for summer retreat



Table Fellowship

Agape community Church six members drove to Denver, CO for summer retreat. Everyone received a lot of grace though they were tired physically, and with thankful heart, they shared the grace.

Pastor Haiyan said, "though it was so challenging to go to retreat at this moment, due to the schedule here, but God helped us to go and members got renewed."

Teen mission leader Chris shared that,"though I am so tired to drive alone back and forth, I love to serve members. I got a chance to preach in the retreat, thank God to use me, and I want to study words of God more, so I can deliver better, I learn I need to pray a lot before preaching from other ministers. From the sermon received in retreat, my heart was on fire for mission. I am so blessed."

The new Senior Ministry Jona said, she was so glad to come to the retreat, and felt very thankful for Pastor Thomas' family opened their house to the members. She was happy to meet members from other states.

Robin was touched by words of God a lot, and when he came back he felt sacred and wanted to to clean his home. Robin shared that he wants to be a wheat not weed.

George and Brenda were joyful for the retreat and Brenda was happy to feel the harmony among members.George felt very thankful for listening to the sermon of different pastors and met them.  

May God continue bless Albuquerque and use the members to serve people.