Senior Ministry New Leader Starts to Teach Weekly

The New Senior Ministry Leader Sister Joan


Joan is Agape Senior Ministry new leader, she begins to teach each Monday evening for Senior Bible study, she starts on August 24, 2016. Joan who led the bible study, rose to teach for the seniors shared that they will continue to do Bible study for God words are important.

In Joan's bible studies, she starts it up by bringing up strong questions and asking the participants to answer it as much as they can, and then she will explain by detail for the members to understand. In her two Bible study lessons, she emphasized to the students that the word of God is eternal truth and will not pass away or change. This emphasizes its worth of and importance of reading and studying it. She added, "God gives us this truth and knowledge the life giving water that is needed for us to live proper and meaningful lives.  By our own senses, we can only see and feel; and we are limited in our own judgment and in keeping our emotions in check." She also shared the scriptures in Hebrews 1:1; 2 Timothy 3:16; and 2 Peter 1:21, to clarify and reinforced her sermons. Amazingly, with God's gift, even though it was her first time to teach the Bible to the senior ministry she was able to deliver an uplifting sermon.

After the Bible study, they gathered around and shared reflections to the message of the service. The senior ministry shared their plans for the following weeks such as; selling the arts and craft made by the seniors, the senior ministry want to use those ways to fund rasing to buy books, field trips, and food fundraising and etc for senior members.

Lastly, the Senior Ministry is asking for prayers for their missions, to establish more and strong relationship to one another, and to help one another to in times of spiritual battle and thirst. Lastly, please pray that may God see their hard work and may God bless them in a very special way.